What we do

Besides selling second-hand books Level Heading can also help you with …

Desktop publishing

Written a book you need help with? Need it to be typed? Need to have it laid out and formatted ready for the printer? Want an impartial set of eyes to read it and fix mistakes?

My focus is to help you tell your story. You write the story, book, brochure, website or whatever, and I help you get it to the final stage, ready for publishing.

… and Level Heading can do it for you at a fraction of the cost of the big-time desktop publishing companies.


You’ve done the research and recorded the information in notebooks and on scraps of paper…
Now you want to put all the information into a book form that can be shared with the family.

Level Heading can do that for you.

Creative Writing

You write short stories or poems or children’s stories or even the great work of literature.
Now you want to publish your work as a book for the world.

Level Heading can help you with that.

Biography and Local History

You’ve written your life story or the biography of a local identity.
Now you want to make your work available to a wider audience.

Level Heading can help you with that.


You produce a newsletter and would like to make it look more attractive.

Level Heading can help you with that.

Services available

  • Proofreading – correcting spelling, grammar and layout.
  • Editing – correcting – helping you get the meaning across without losing the essence of the story.
  • Design and layout – always having you, the client, in mind.

Or perhaps you have some other desktop publishing needs, and don’t have the time or the skills to do it yourself.

Resumes, Job applications, Reports, Charts, Logos, Short stories, Anthologies, Photo Scanning, Animation, Web pages, 3D design

Level Heading can help you with that.